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DataSelf Analytics Free Trial


The free trial is designed to be a self-service process so you can evaluate how DataSelf can add power, ease of use, and speed to insights into your decision-making processes.

CRITICAL: Because of data privacy, be sure that the users accessing your DataSelf trial have unrestricted access to your ERP/CRM data. For instance, your trial might include gross profit information or GL data. In a production deployment, security can be configured to control user access. Or let us know if you need some of your private data removed or not extracted (such as GL data).

Ordering the Free Trial

Contact your DataSelf seller, or click here to fill out the deployment form. You’ll receive instructions to complete the deployment of your DataSelf Analytics. The deployment usually requires from 30 mins to a few hours of your time to complete.

Free Trial Onboarding

  • Click here to review the DataSelf Diagram: the challenges, benefits, and how the solution works.

  • Please let know the email address of the user who’ll test your free trial.

  • Data accuracy is guaranteed in production deployments only.

  • The free trial does not guarantee data accuracy. Some templates might not work since they require an additional setup. The following is the free trial expected data accuracy:

    • Might be accurate: Sales (invoiced), Sales Orders, AR Aging, Inventory On Hand Today.

    • Sample only, not very accurate, or not available: Cash Flow Projection, CRM, GL, Historical Inventory On Hand, Inventory Planning, Manufacturing.

The data-force is about to get much stronger with you!

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