Use Case: Users receive PDF and PNG reports on schedules without direct access to Tableau Server. DataSelf offers a dramatically reduced cost for these users on its Tableau Cloud. Click here for pricing.

Adding Users

Add the Report Subscription users as instructed at with the following parameters:

  • New User: Server Default (Local) (even if you use SAML for Explorer/Viewer users).

  • Username: the user’s email address.

  • Display name (IMPORTANT): Prefix “RS “ + the user’s email address. Ex.: “RS”

  • Password: create one password to be used for all of these users and do NOT share it with them.

  • Email: the user’s email address.

  • Set Site Role to Viewer.

IMPORTANT: These users should not log in to Tableau Server, they will only receive Tableau subscriptions on schedule. DataSelf uses the “RS” display name prefix to monitor this user license (if you forgot to add them, you’ll have to delete the user and re-add them with the prefix). If some of these users need to log in to Tableau Serve, please contact DataSelf to switch the user license to Explorer/Viewer.

Configuring Tableau Subscriptions

Tableau Subscriptions - Internal Technical KB - Confluence (