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ETL+ Installer Step-by-Step with Screenshots

Step-by-step instructions for those who like to see the actual prompts.

Recommendation: Click Next to accept default Folder.

If you know the Windows user that should run the DataSelf Agent select
This Account
and enter the user name and password.

  • Local System” is also known as LocalSystem.

LocalSystem Account

The LocalSystem account is a predefined local account used by the service control manager.

Using the LocalSystem Account as a Service Logon Account

One advantage of running under the LocalSystem account is that the service has complete unrestricted access to local resources. This is also the disadvantage of LocalSystem because a LocalSystem service can do things that would bring down the entire system. In particular, a service running as LocalSystem on a domain controller (DC) has unrestricted access to Active Directory Domain Services. This means that bugs in the service, or security attacks on the service, can damage the system or, if the service is on a DC, damage the entire enterprise network.

For these reasons, domain administrators at sensitive installations will be cautious about allowing services to run as LocalSystem.

Contrast with Local User Accounts

Local user accounts are stored locally on the device.

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