DataSelf Support

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Click here to learn about the DataSelf Analytics Architecture.

Please contact us if you need assistance deploying DataSelf:, +1 888-910-9802 x2.

Ordering DataSelf Analytics

Click here to learn about DataSelf Analytics Editions and pricing (DataSelf website → Pricing tab).

Assisted ordering: Contact your DataSelf sales rep: +1 888-910-9802 x1, or email

Self-service ordering: Visit and click Order Now for the desired edition.

VAR NFR for Advanced Edition: Enter NFR in the Deployment Code box to skip the credit card information.

Once your DataSelf order has been completed, you’ll receive a DataSelf email with instructions within 1 business day. Contact if you don’t receive it.

Deployment for Acumatica Cloud

Review this client’s ETL+ process:

  1. If you haven’t installed your ETL+ yet: click here.

  2. If you’ve already installed your ETL+: click here ETL+ for Acumatica OData instructions.

DataSelf Analytics Web Portal (Tableau OEM)

Shortly, you’ll receive a DataSelf email with your DataSelf Analytics Web Portal credentials.

  • Visit the following portal and enter the credentials from the “Accessing DataSelf Analytics” email:

  • If prompted, select the site associated to your portal: usually the client’s name or its ETL+ entity.

  • Click Explore (left panel) → client entity on the center panel -> DataSelf Analytics vYYMM -> Home.

    • Explore the different reports by clicking the buttons on the home page, or via the tabs.

    • Popular tabs: Sales Performance, YoY, Slicer, AR High-Risk Debt Customers, GL Financials.

Mission accomplished!

You’ll learn how to customize reports and dashboards in the Green Belt Part II.