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Green Belt Part 1: Deployment for Sage X3

Ordering DataSelf Analytics

Skip this step if the order has already been placed.

Assisted ordering: Contact your DataSelf sales rep, or call +1 888-910-9802 x1, or email

Self-service ordering: Go to the following page and click the appropriate Order Now button.

Once your DataSelf order has been completed, you’ll receive a DataSelf email with instructions within 1 business day. Contact if you don’t receive it.

On-Premises Deployment for Sage X3

For data extraction purposes, DataSelf ETL+ must be installed on a Windows Server on the same network where Sage X3 is. Follow the steps below on that Windows Server:

  • ETL+ system requirements: DataSelf ETL+ Minimum System Requirements

  • MS SQL Server: have SQL credentials for data reading rigths from your Sage 100 database.

  • Deploy ETL+ on the server: Instructions here.

  • Do a single-table data extraction: right-click a Sage X3 table on ETL+ center panel (ex.: AR_Customer) → Load Now. The load should happen without failure.

    • In case of failure, it’s likely security related. On the ETL page, left panel, right-click SageX3 → Properties. Check that the configuration to your source system is correct. Also, check if the dataself user has reading rights to the proper Sage X3 tables.

  • If Ok, run a complete manual refresh now.

    • Click the Refresh Batch icon on the top left of the center panel.

    • On the Refresh Batch page, left panel, click the Run Refresh Batch #1 icon (green play button) and monitor the data load. This might take a while depending on your data volume.

  • If not done during the ETL+ installation process, set up a time to run the scheduled data load.

Level 1 Testing

The Level 1 Testing checks if the data extraction process finished successfully and the overall row count per extracted table matches with Sage X3’s replicated table row counts.

Level 1 Testing

  • Log to ETL+ and be sure you’re connected to the ETL+ entity associated to your deployment. If you only have one ETL+ entity available, this field is grayed out. Otherwise, select the correct entity.

  • For a tour of ETL+:

  • On the ETL page, click the top-right Log icon.

  • Scroll down on the log page and double-check that no table load failed, and the row count matches with the Sage X3 tables. Following is an example highlighting two tables and their loaded row count.


  • Failed to load tables:

    • Check that the user assigned to DataSelf has reading rights to that particular data set.

    • Click Back from the Log page, on the ETL main page, select the failing table on the center panel, check that its SQL Statement on the right panel has correct information.

  • Tables with record count different than in Sage X3:

    • It might be just that new records have been populated in Sage X3 since the DataSelf data load. Reload the data. Click Back from the Log page, on the ETL main page, select the table with incorrect row cound on the center panel, right-click the table on the center panel again -> Load Now. This might take a while if the table has a large data set.

    • The user assigned to DataSelf might have access to limited data sets, such as only data from one Division. Check the user’s security credentials.

More extensive testing will be covered during Green Belt Part III.

Cloud-to-Cloud Deployment

DataSelf cloud services will complete the cloud portion deployment once you have completed the steps above. Shortly, you’ll receive a DataSelf email with your DataSelf Analytics Web Portal credentials.

DataSelf Customer Web Portal - Tableau OEM

  • Visit, enter the credentials from the “Accessing DataSelf Analytics” email.

  • If promped, select the site associated to this client: usually the client’s name or its ETL+ entity.

  • Click Explore on the left panel → client entity on the center panel -> DataSelf Analytics vYYMM -> Home.

    • Explore different reports and dashboards by clicking the buttons on the home page, or via the tabs.

    • Popular tabs: Sales Performance, YoY, Slicer, AR High-Risk Debt Customers, GL Financials.

Mission accomplished!

You’ll learn how to customize reports and dashboards in the Green Belt Part II.

DataSelf Support

If you can’t perform any of the tasks above, please contact:


  • +1 888-910-9802 x2

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