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How to Deploy DataSelf Analytics for Acumatica

This deployment assumes your Acumatica is available on the open internet, and the DataSelf deployment takes place all in the cloud. Different arrangements are available; consult us for details.

Budget about 30 minutes to complete the process.

Granting Access to your Acumatica Data

  • Create an Acumatica user named dataself,, and assign roles:

    • 2020 R2 and newer Acumatica versions: Anonymous + Odata v4. Help here.

    • 2020 R1 and older Acumatica versions: Anonymous role. Help here.

Deployment Form Steps

  • Fill out the Deployment form: DataSelf Deployment Form for Acumatica Cloud

  • End User Company Name: ex.: Abc Corp

  • End User Full Name (person responsible for the investment in DataSelf): Ex. Joe Doe

  • End User Email: ex.: joedoe@abc.copr

  • End User Phone Number: ex.: 408-123-1234

  • Acumatica Reseller Company Name: ex.: AcuVAR Inc

  • Acumatica Reseller Contact Name (VAR account manager or consultant for End User): ex. Mary Jo

  • Acumatica Reseller Contact Email:

  • Select the radio button for who is filling out the form.

  • End User’s Acumatica URL: ex:

  • Acumatica Tenant Name: leave it blank for single-tenant, or enter the tenant name. The free trial only works with one Acumatica tenant. Consolidation of multiple tenants is available after the free trial.

  • Acumatica user name for DataSelf: See Granting Anonymous section above. Click Done.

  • Acumatica password for DataSelf: Enter the password created.

  • For Acumatica 2020 R1 and older only: See Granting Anonymous section above. Click DONE.

  • Professional Services Fees. The free trial does not require paid professional fees. However, you might want to hire DataSelf Certified Consultants to assist with data testing, data extraction adjustments, and user training.

  • Read the DataSelf End User License Agreement (EULA).

  • Select if you need an NDA signed.

  • Check I’m not a robot.

  • Click Deploy.

    • Once the deployment has been initiated, it might take hours or up to a full business day for the cloud deployment to finish.

    • The emails entered on the form will be notified when the deployment finishes.

  • Optional (required for Green Belt certification): Click here to deploy ETL+ to maintain your Acumatica extraction.

Feel free to contact support @ for support.

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