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v2022.08 ETL+ Client Information Page

The Client Information page is accessed via the Client Info button on the Settings page.

Click Client Info on the Settings page to open.

Entity: Your unique Entity identifier in the DataSelf system. Assigned by DataSelf.

Client name: The client name. On the Entity page this name is displayed in the Name column. Feel free to edit it.

  • The value of the Client name field should contain a value that is unique across all ETL+ entities.
    v2022.08 ETL+ Logging will not work correctly if another entity has the same Client Name.

Users: User email(s) with access rights to ETL+. Contact DataSelf support to change ETL+ credentials.

Send: Click Send to email product registration information to the listed email addresses. Those persons will receive an email with credential information that will allow them to sign on as users with the v2022.08 ETL+ Sign in Page

Template: Internal ETL+ template time stamp. Assigned by DataSelf.

Source System: Defines the out-of-the-box templates to your source system. Assigned by DataSelf.

Phone: Optional.

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