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v2022.08 ETL+ Design Page

This page allows the definition of primary keys, column data type maitenance, and transformations.

1. Source - Table Name: Design page for Source - Table Name.

2. PK: Check the boxes for the columns that define this table’s primary keys. Currently, this is only used for Upsert delta data extraction processes.

3. Column Name: List the table’s columns.

4. Dw Data Type: Allows the configuration of data warehouse data types:

  • Type in a new Dw Data Type, click Enter to accept.

  • Use a row’s dropdown list to pick your choice.

5. Transform SQL Expression: Enter MS SQL Expressions to transform the column’s data - ex.: LEFT(ColumnName, 5). This transformation is applied after the raw data is loaded to the data warehouse.

6. Column names in bold: Their Dw Data Type has changed from the source’s data type. Ex above: City comes as a varchar(max) from OData, and the user changed it to varchar(50).

7. Cancel: Click it to cancel changes currently done on this page.

8. Confirm: Click it to confirm changes currently done on this page.

9. ETL+ Build
- Version number: vYYYY.MM.DDBB. Ex.: v2021.08.2703 means the 3rd build on 08/27/2021.
- 32 or 64 bits.

10. Help: Click the icon to view this page’s knowledge page help.

11. Bottom left corner:

  • User: your ETL+ username currently logged to ETL+.

  • Entity: the Entity ID, Data Warehouse name connected to this ETL+ session. Ex.: abc,aa_dw3 = entity abc, data warehouse name aa_dw3.

v2022.08 ✅

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