Use the Acumatica reports/inquiries listed in this page to complete the QA testing process for data accuracy.

DataSelf Dataset

Comparison in Acumatica

AP Aging

Payables → AP Aged Past Due

AR Aging

Receivables → AR Aging

IN On Hand Today

Inventory → Inventory Balance or Inventory Summary (shows Total Costs)

IN On Hand History

Inventory → Historical Inventory Balance

IN Transaction

Inventory → Inventory Transaction History

GL Transaction

Finance → Account Summary

GL Financials

Finance → Profit & Loss Rolling 12 Month and Balance Sheet

Purchase Order

Purchases → Purchase Order Summary and Purchase Order Details by Inventory Item

Sales Invoice

Receivables → AR Register Detailed (includes Freight and Tax charges) or Daily Sales Profitability

Sales Order

Sales Orders → Sales Order Summary and Sales Order Details by Inventory Item