DataSelf ETL+ — Connects to data sources and populates the data warehouse. ETL engine at the heart of DataSelf’s latest solutions. User Guide.

DataSelf Analytics — Ready-to-use Business Intelligence solutions for your ERP and CRM. Leverages the ETL+ engine to supply preconfigured templates with sophisticated insights for your business.

Tableau — Using Tableau to query & retrieve data, make reports and dashboards. Tableau Configuration, Security, Upgrades, and Technical Tips.

KPIs, Reports & Dashboards — How to create Key Performance Indicators & Metrics that incorporate into reports and dashboards.

* Power BI

* Microsoft Excel

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Upgrading your ETL+ 📡

ETL+ User Guide

Featured Pages: Upgrading your ETL+

Top 3 goals of ETL+ release 2022.08.2901 (Oct. 29, 2022)

  • Agent: Secured and easier maintenance of remote tasks, the foundation for our future decentralized framework.   Press Release: DataSelf Adds "Agent"

  • User empowerment and usability: enhanced security, SQL Expression wizard, data load conflict management, shortcuts, clearer UI, multiple windows, new command line, improved debut and logging.

  • Expansion of built-in source systems drivers: Google Sheets, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access.

ERP, CRM and other Data Sources

Configuring ETL & CRM Systems for ETL+

Pre-configured templates listed by business system.

Data Source Drivers

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