DataSelf has been working closely with Acumatica Inc to certificate and optimize the OData extraction to be efficient, fast and cause minimal performance impact in your Acumatica ERP/CRM.

Time Required to Execute this Procedure

  • Deployment procedure: 30 minutes

  • Reading all related documentation first: hours

  • Data load: you can run the data load unassisted. It can take from minutes to hours (or even days) depending on your data volume.

1. ETL+ Deployment for Acumatica Cloud

  1. Click here to fill out the DataSelf Analytics for Acumatica Deployment Form.

  2. User Access: Click here for instructions to grant DataSelf data extract access to your Acumatica.

  3. OData Extraction Setup: Click here for instructions to deploy DataSelf Generic Inquiries (GIs).

  4. Wait until you receive an DataSelf email notifying your cloud-to-cloud deployment has been completed.

2. Level 1 Testing

The Level 1 Testing checks if the data extraction process finished successfully and the overall row count per extracted table matches with Acumatica’s replicated table row counts.


The following Test 1 steps assume ETL+ has already loaded your data manually or scheduled:


  • Failed to load tables:

    • Most common: Check that the user assigned to DataSelf has OData rights to that particular data set.

    • Click Back from the Log page, on the ETL main page, select the failing table on the center panel, check that its SQL Statement on the right panel has correct information.

  • Tables with row count different than in Acumatica:

    • It might be just that many new records have been populated in Acumatica since the DataSelf data load. Reload the data. Click Back from the Log page, on the ETL main page, select the table with incorrect row count on the center panel, right-click the table on the center panel again -> Load Now. This might take a while if the table has a large data set.

    • The Acumatica user assigned to ETL+ might have access to limited data sets, such as only data from one Branch. Check the user’s security credentials.

In most cases, the out of the box DataSelf solution is all set once the above is completed.

3. ETL+ OData Configuration

Only do the following if/when you need to do OData configuration maintenance!

  • Login to ETL+ (help here).

  • On the ETL main page, right-click Acumatica on the left panel → Properties.

    • The Alias box is automatically populated, but you can customize it.

    • Odata feed (URL): Enter the Acumatica OData URL. Click here for instructions.

    • User and Password: Enter the username and password to Acumatica. Click here for instructions.

    • Authentication: Set it to Basic.

    • Extraction blocks: By default, leave it at 1000 records.

    • Pause: By default, leave it at 500ms.

    • Click Connect.

  • You’ll get back to the ETL page and see tables under the Acumatica source on the left panel.

4. OData v3 and v4 Features

Click here to learn more.

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