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ETL+ Source Types

Comprehensive list of pages on data sources, source systems, source types, data connections and databases supported by DataSelf. How to deploy ETL+ for each. See Legend for terminology.

Source Type List

Please contact us to learn more about ways we can efficiently extract data from your sources.


  • Native Optimized Connection: ETL+ has built-in and optimized code to extract data directly from the data source. Without this, people might need to code APIs to get the data.

  • Optimized ODBC Connection: ETL+ has been fine-tuned to extract ODBC data from this data source. Without this, people might need to code APIs to get the data.

  • ODBC. ETL+ will use available ODBCs to extract data from the data source. Contact us if the ODBC fails to correctly render data. See also ETL+ Source Driver for ODBC.

  • Terminology

    • Source Systems refers to business systems such as Acumatica, Sage 100, Quickbooks, SalesForce, and Hubspot.

    • Source type refers to a type of data connection or data store technology. For example ODBC and native optimized connections; data store/database technologies such as MS SQL Server, Google Sheets, OData, CSV files, Excel)

    • ETL+ connects to source types via a source driver on the Source Objects panel.

Pricing & Cost Considerations

  • MS Excel and CSV are free of charge.

  • When required, it’s your responsibility to obtain rights to ODBC and other source license arrangements.

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