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DataSelf ETL+

ETL+ documentation for ETL+ versions 2023.10 and 2023.07.
See ETL+ Prior Versions for documentation of prior versions of ETL+.

The Problem

Organizations want easy, consistent, secured, centralized, and fast ways to set up, manage and troubleshoot their data extractions and consolidations for informed decisions. However, they tend to build a zoo of disconnected and dysfunctional tools that are hard to maintain, expensive, and often use black boxes and outdated technologies.

DataSelf ETL+ Vision

DataSelf ETL+ allows users to securely and centrally manage data extraction, transformation, and loading processes from all of their data silos - being on-premises, private and/or public clouds into MS SQL Server databases or data warehouses. This centralized administration capability dramatically reduces the configuration and maintenance of tasks such as data refreshes, changes to data mapping, and schedule changes.

DataSelf ETL+ (ETL Plus) is a modern and proprietary engine that powers self-service, secured, simplified, and customizable data consolidation leveraging modern and industry-standard technologies. Connects to data sources and populates data warehouses.

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