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Source Driver Defined

Source drivers are modules in ETL+ that 1) connect to and extract data from data sources and 2) create and maintain ETL+ Source Objects which identify named data source connections within ETL+. See also ETL+ Source Drivers.

Each Source Driver connects to a Source Container.
Query Building: ETL+ source drivers include methods for building and executing queries in the appropriate query language (such as a dialect of SQL) and processing query results.

Source drivers for specific types of data sources are created and maintained in ETL+ Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Page > ETL+ Source Objects Panel > ETL+ Source Drivers menu.


  • Objects encapsulate data and behavior within a single unit.

  • Each object contributes its specialized behavior to the overall functionality of the software.

  • In object-oriented programming, objects that encapsulate an interface to a database are often referred to as "Data Access Objects" (DAOs) or "Database Access Objects." These objects provide a structured and abstracted way to interact with a database, allowing other parts of the software to manipulate data without needing to know the underlying database implementation details.

  • Data Access Objects (DAOs): DAOs are responsible for providing an interface to interact with a specific database or data source.

    • DAOs often handle database connection management, ensuring that connections are properly established.

    • DAOs can handle database-related errors and exceptions.

    • DAOs can manage database transactions.

ETL+ uses source drivers to connect to and read from source containers.

Each source system depends on a source container.

Each data source depends on a source container.

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