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Upgrading your ETL+

How to update your current version of ETL+ to version 2023.10.

✅ v2023.10

  • Open your current ETL+ and note the version and number of bits (highlighted in yellow below).

If you have ETL+ v2022.04 or older

If you have ETL+ v2022.08

  1. Put your existing ETL+ version 2022.08 program in a temporary new folder to delete later - in case you need to go back to it.

  2. If you have DataSelf Agent running as a service:

    1. Stop the service.

    2. Disable its Windows Task Scheduler task.

  3. Go to the Install ETL+ v2023.10 heading below.

Important: after the upgrade, you should NO longer use v2022.08.

If you have ETL+ v2023.01 or newer

  1. Uninstall DataSelf ETL Plus with Windows Control Panel.

    • If you can’t find ETL+ on the Control Panel, rename the existing ETL+ program to DoNotUse, e.g.: "DoNotUseDataSelf ETL Plus.exe". You can delete this file after a successful upgrade.

  2. Go to the Install ETL+ v2023.10 heading below.

Install ETL+ v2023.10

  1. Download ETL+ Installer from

  2. Run the ETL+ Installer and follow the prompts.

  3. Open and Test ETL+.

32-bit. If your source system(s) requires ETL+ 32-bit:

  1. Ater you run the installer process above, download the DataSelf ETL+ 32bits file from DataSelf ETL+ Download Links.

  2. Copy/paste the downloaded DataSelf ETL Plus.exe into C:\Program Files\DataSelf ETL Plus

    • Confirm the overwrite prompt.

Open and Test ETL+

  • Important: Do not open your ETL+ entity with prior ETL+ versions. This might break your data refreshes.

  1. Run DataSelf ETL Plus from the Desktop shortcut or from Start.

  2. ETL+ should display the new version number on the top right of its window.

  3. On the ETL+ Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) page, right-click a small table (like Salesperson or Accounts) on the Target Objects pane. Click Load Now.
    The load should be successful.

The upgrade should be all set. Please contact if you need assistance.

Install a Hotfix to ETL+ v2023.10

On the computer with ETL+ v2023.10 installed, click here, find the hotfix section under v2023.10, and download the hotfix (usually the 64-bit version).

Stop/kill any open ETL+ on the computer.

Copy/paste the downloaded ETL+ into C:\Program Files\DataSelf ETL Plus.

Confirm to overwrite the existing file and then the Windows security warning.

That’s it.

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