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Source Driver File Path for Network Files

Applies to the ETL+ source drivers with a File Path setting that connects to files that are shared, network resources. Use UNC paths, avoid mapped drives.

This page applies to ETL+ Source Drivers with File Path fields:

Proven Method

To access files stored on other computers use a UNC path in the File Path prompt of the ETL+ source driver.

Avoid using mapped drives because:

  1. Problems have been reported with mapped drives in the File Path for Excel files when ETL+ jobs are run by DataSelf Agent.

  2. Because the mapping of ‘mapped drives’ holds on individual computers their use can result in errors especially when ETL+ is configured on one computer but jobs are run by DataSelf Agent or a scheduler on another computer.

Supplementary Information

UNC Path Naming Convention & UNC Paths

The Universal Naming Convention (UNC) is a standard for naming resources such as files and devices that are shared by computers on a network. File references using the UNC convention are known as UNC paths. UNC paths are used in Microsoft operating systems to share network resources with Microsoft platforms on a network.

UNC Syntax: \\<servername>\<shareddirectory>\<filename>


"servername" is the name of the server where the shared resource is located
"shareddirectory" is the name of the directory that contains the shared resource
"filename" is the name of the file

File references using the UNC convention are known as UNC paths.

Examples of UNC Paths:

  1. \\NAS\Share\document.txt

  2. \\\SharedFolder\image.jpg

  3. \\ServerName\SharedFolder\data.csv


Note: If you can't connect to a network drive or folder, the computer you're trying to connect to might be turned off, or you might not have the correct permissions. Try contacting your network administrator.

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