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Tableau Templates: Pro

Tableau Pro Templates

KPI: A key performance indicator. Examples: a Report such as "Yearly Revenue"; a Dashboard widget (e.g., the main chart from the Cash Flow Projection dashboard); a Data Source measure (e.g., Cost of Sales from the _SI_SalesInvoice Data Source); a Data Source dimension (e.g., the Customer dimension from _AR_Aging_Today that provide the list of customers with open AR).

Core Package - 997 KPIs

AP Aging Today - 82 KPIs
AR Aging Today - 99 KPIs
CF Cash Flow Projection - 47 KPIs
GL Financials - 97 KPIs
GL Transaction - 95 KPIs
IN On Hand History - 68 KPIs
IN On Hand Today - 57 KPIs
Purchase Order - 94 KPIs
Sales Invoice - 181 KPIs
Sales Order - 177 KPIs


CRM Activity - 75 KPIs
CRM Opportunity - 133 KPIs
IN Inventory Planning - 72 KPIs
IN Transaction - 66 KPIs
Marketing Email - 60 KPIs
MFG ProductionOrder - 125 KPIs
PM Project Accounting / Management - 434 KPIs

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