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DataSelf Analytics Quick Intro and Script

Demo Dashboards by Vertical

If prompted for credentials: Username and password: DataSelf#1

5-min Demo Script

  1. Click the following link to launch the demo web portal:


  2. Natural Language Query and artificial intelligence for building new reports.

    1. From the demo portal Home page, click the NLQ button or tab.

    2. Analyzing sales by salesperson.

      1. In the center box, type in Sales by salesperson in 2022 <press Enter>: this shows 2023 sales by salesperson.

      2. Type in by month <press Enter>: this breaks down 2022 sales by month by salesperson.

      3. To view in text (or other formats): click the drop-down list on the right → Text Table.

    3. Finding out the top 10 items by sales:

      1. Click the Clear All button.

      2. Type in Top 10 items by sales in Q1 2022 <Enter>: this shows top items in blue, remaining in gray bars.

    4. Finding sales by ShipTo State:

      1. Click the Clear All button.

      2. Type in Sales by state by year as a map <Enter>: this shows sales by state by year.

  3. Let's slice and dice Year-over-Year Sales Variances:

    1. Click the YoY tab.

    2. Explain the dashboard information. 

    3. Analyze YoY sales:

      1. On the right panel, set Periods for 01 to 09, press Apply.

      2. The 2nd top customer by sales in the Prior YTD has a large sales decline this year. Why? Click on its name to filter the dashboard.

      3. Which products are driving the decline? Hover the mouse over the Items table's VAR column, and click the sort icon twice on the far right. 

      4. To view details of top declining products, select a few of them with the mouse, wait a couple of seconds, and click Show Details from the pop-up window. Sales details show up at the bottom of the report. One can easily export that to Excel or PDF as well. 

  4. Let's review High-Risk Debt Customers:

    1. Click Home icon, under the AP, AR GL column, click AR: High-Risk Debt Customer button.

    2. This dashboard shows your total Open AR and a breakdown by aging buckets and by high-risk debt customers. The customizable default configuration for high-risk debt: customers with $250K+ in open receivables that are 30+ days late.

    3. Click the charts to filter the dashboard. For instance, click 15-30 Days bar to only view Open AR KPIs for that bucket.

Watch the script here:

Customizing the Demo (Ad Hoc)

With the following credentials, one can edit and create new reports and dashboards. You won’t be able to overwrite the existing demo templates. Contact DataSelf to subscribe and gain full control of your own DataSelf Web Portal. Note: the NLQ demo page only works when users are logged into the portal - see credentials below.

Embedding DataSelf in your Source System

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