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Login with an Admin user in your site (SFDC).

Go to Setup User Interface Tabs.

Click New on Web Tabs, and follow the steps:

  • Select a tab layout, Next.

  • Fill out Display Properties, we recommend setting Content Frame Height to at least 800, Next.

  • Set Field Type as Organization Fields. In the Button or Link URL box, enter the following URL from DataSelf / Tableau:

    • Click the Share icon on the desired DataSelf dashboard or report.

    • Click Copy Link.

    • Paste the URL in the SFDC box mentioned above.

    • IMPORTANT: if the DataSelf URL doesn’t have &:embed=yes in it, append &:embed=yes at the end of the URL.

    • Click Next.

  • Select which Custom Apps to include the new tab. Click Save.

Here’s an example of how a dashboard looks in SFDC:

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