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Advanced Analytics by DataSelf - NFR Sites and Users

NFR = Not For Resale. Licenses used for development and demo purposes by DataSelf partners. 

Access to your NFR Portal

Use the credentials provided by DataSelf. 

NFR User Licenses

As of Nov 2019, DataSelf Resellers are entitled to one Explorer user license for free. This license can be shared among the reseller team. To get your user license, please contact DataSelf sales.

NFR Demo Sites

As of Nov 2019, DataSelf Resellers are entitled to up to two NFR Demo Sites for free. These sites can be used for demo, development or proof of concepts. When deployed, the site will contain DataSelf's sample database. Resellers can request to connect an NFR Site to an actual Acumatica site (from demo or production tenants). NFR license don't have auto refresh enabled. In the near future, resellers will be able to re-map their NFR sites to Acumatica instances by themselves. 

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