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Advanced Analytics for Sage 100 - Metadata


AR_Customer Table

Cst City = AR_Customer.City

Cst Country = AR_Customer.CountryCode

Cst State = AR_Customer.State

Cst Zip = AR_Customer.ZipCode

Customer Name = AR_Customer.CustomerName

Customer No = AR_Customer.CustomerName

Customer Status = AR_Customer.CustomerStatus

AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail Table

Comment Text = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.CommentText

Exploded Kit Item = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.ExplodedKitItem

Extension Amt = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.ExtensionAmt

Quantity Shipped = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.QuantityShipped

Unit Cost = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.UnitCost

Unit Of Measure = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.UnitOfMeasure

Warehouse Code = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.WarehouseCode

AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader Table

Header Seq No = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.HeaderSeqNo

Invoice Date = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceDate

Invoice No = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceNo

Invoice Type = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.InvoiceType

Sales Order No = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.SalesOrderNo

Ship To City = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToCity

Ship To Code = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToCode

Ship to CountryCode = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToCountryCode

Ship To Name = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToName

Ship To State = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToState

Ship To Zip Code = AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.ShipToZipCode

AR_Salesperson Table

Salesperson Division No =AR_Salesperson.SalespersonDivisionNo

Salesperson Name = AR_Salesperson.SalespersonName

Salesperson No = AR_Salesperson.SalespersonNo

CI_Item Table

Item Code = CI_Item.ItemCode

Item Code Desc = CI_Item.ItemCodeDesc

Item Type = CI_Item.ItemType

Product Line = CI_Item.ProductLine

Product Type = CI_Item.ProductType

GL_Account Table

Account = GL_Account.Account

Account Desc = GL_Account.AccountDesc


Cost of Sales = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.(if ExplodedKitItem <> ā€˜Cā€™ then UnitCost * QuantityShipped end)

Gross Profit = Sales ā€“ Cost of Sales

Qty Sold = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.(if QuantityShipped <> 0 then QuantityShipped end)

Sales = AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail.ExtensionAmt

Subject to change without notice.

Data warehouse. Tableau.

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