For monitoring your cash flow projection and alerting when cash shortages or too high balances are coming up.

The out of the box template plots (GL Cash Today) + (Open AR) - (Open AP) - (GL Projected Payroll) + (user-input adjustments, ex.: a loan payment).

Popular Customizations:

  • This template requires adjustments to capture the correct GL accounts for Cash Today and Payroll Projection.

  • It's easy to add other cash flow transactions (such as recurring revenues and expenses) from your ERP and other data silos such as Excel. 


  • Bars: In/outbound cash (such as inbound for open Receivables or AP Credit Memos).

  • Line: Based on the Due Date filter, it accrues daily net balances. The line turns reds when crossing below the Line of Credit (LOC) limit indicating a potential cash flow issue.

Slicing and Dicing

  • Clicking a single or multiple bars to filter the detail panel. 

  • Use the Filters and Parameters on the right panel to fine tune your analysis. 

    • Cash Flow Adj: will add one user-entry record to your projection. Ex.: big loan payment coming due but not in AR yet. 

  • Undo/Redo (top left).

  • Revert (top left) will bring the default back to its pre-saved settings.

  • Full Screen (top right).

  • Download (top right).

  • Regular keyboard and mouse standards apply (such as press and hold the Ctrl button to select multiple data points).


  • Automatically emailing the dashboard only if the trend line crosses a threshold - for instance, when the trend line goes below the LOC limit.

  • Click the Y axis on the left, then Alert on the top right, fill out the form. 

Emailing on a Schedule

  • Click Subscribe on the top right and fill out the form. 


  • Click Comments on the top right. Tagging a person with @ will email them the comments. 

Embedding it in other Applications

  • Search for "embed" on the top right box to find articles aboiut embedding this dashboard into other applications.