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Connecting and Data Extraction from a Cloud MS SQL Server

Here are recommendations to securely connect and/or extract data from cloud SQL Server databases:

Option 1: Secured IP-to-IP

  • From the computer to connect to the cloud MS SQL:

  • You’ll need from the cloud SQL Server provider:

    • A SQL user with reading rights from the desired SQL database.

    • The SQL’s URL or IP (including the SQL port) on the internet. Ex:,1433.

    • The SQL Provider must whitelist your public IP address.

    • The SQL instance should use an SSL certificate to encrypt communications.

  • With the above done, connect to the cloud SQL with the following in the extraction tool:

    • Server Name: URL or IP. Ex.:,1433

    • Authentication: SQL Server Authentication. Enter username and password.

    • Database: Enter the database name. In SSMS, this parameter is behind the Options button.

Option 2: VPN

  • Discuss VPN arrangements with your cloud MS SQL provider.

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