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Data Source Error: Unable to proceed because of error from the data source.

“Unable to proceed because of error from the data source.” “User(s) do not have permission to access”

User(s) do not have permission to access datasource.

Fix for a workbook that is supposed to be working for a “guest”

Problem is likely because “guest” users are not allowed to have the “Connect” permission for Tableau datasources. 

Fix: Publish the desired workbook with the password embedded. 

  1. Open Tableau Desktop

  2. Find the workbook.

  3. Start the the Publish process,

  4. click on the edit button for the data sources

  5. Change the Authentication option to “Embedded password”. 

  6. Complete the publishing process. 

If “Guest” user has been granted permissions to the project and workbook in question the “guest” should now have access.

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