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Data Source Move/Upgrade: Free or Paid?

Paid Services

Please contact your DataSelf representative if your source system (ERP, CRM, and other data silos) move and/or upgrade won’t meet the Free Services criteria below for an assessment of potential costs to adapt DataSelf to it.

Free Services

Adapting DataSelf to an upgraded and/or moved source system is free when all of the following applies:

  • The client is current by their DataSelf software maintenance program or subscription.

  • No process changes are being done to data sources during the move and/or upgrade (no changes to the business logic).

  • The source system version prior to the upgrade is at most 5 years old.

  • The source system’s tables and fields won’t have their names changed by the upgrade process. This only applies to tables and fields mapped in DataSelf.

  • No historical data will be purged from the source system.

  • The source system will continue to be available on the same local network or IP address.

  • The authentication method to extract data from data sources hasn’t changed.

  • The DataSelf software and its hosted server(s) won’t need to be moved, upgraded and/or reinstalled.

  • Adapting DataSelf is done once the moved/upgraded data source is ready for production.

Adapting DataSelf to the conditions above is simple and many times requires no human intervention. As a general rule, there is no need to test DataSelf against a sandbox of the source system(s) being moved and/or upgraded.

Please let know at least a couple of weeks in advance of when you’re planning on changing your source system. That way we can make arrangements to keep your DataSelf operation uninterrupted.

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