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DataSelf User Access to

Please follow the instructions below to give DataSelf data extraction reading-rights from your Salesforce data:

Salesforce User Configuration

  • To obtain your Salesforce security token:

    • Open the personal information page on

    • Click the link to reset your security token. The token will be emailed to you.

    • Specify the security token in the SecurityToken connection property or append it to the Password.

  • In the Salesforce ODBC to be used by ETL+:

    • Set the AuthScheme to Basic, provide a Salesforce User and Password as your login credentials, enter your Salesforce SecurityToken. By default, the SecurityToken is required, but you can make it optional by allowing a range of trusted IP addresses. To disable the security token:

      • Log in to Salesforce and enter Network Access in the Quick Find box in the setup section.

      • Add your IP address to the list of trusted IP addresses.

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