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DataSelf User Access to

Salesforce Licensing for Automated Data Extraction

DataSelf uses a CData ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) to automate the data extraction from Salesforce. To enable ODBC extraction in Salesforce, you need to have the appropriate Salesforce license that grants access to their database via ODBC. To determine the specific license type required for ODBC extraction, it's important to consider the following steps:

  1. Check Salesforce Editions: Salesforce offers multiple editions like Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited, each with different features and capabilities. ODBC extraction might require a higher-tier edition.

  2. Salesforce Connect: For ODBC integrations, Salesforce Connect could be a necessary feature. This feature is not available in all editions, so you might need to upgrade.

  3. Consult Salesforce Documentation or Support: Salesforce has extensive documentation and a support team. Consult them for the most accurate and updated information regarding the license requirements for ODBC extraction.

  4. Review API Limits: Salesforce imposes API limits based on the edition and license type. Ensure that your license supports the volume of API calls you expect to make via ODBC.

  5. Pricing: Salesforce licensing can be complex and often requires negotiation. Pricing may vary based on the number of users, the type of license, and additional features. Before committing, you might want to use trial versions to test the compatibility and functionality of ODBC extraction with your Salesforce data.

Salesforce User for Data Extraction

  1. Security and Compliance: For security and compliance reasons, it's often recommended to use a dedicated Salesforce user account. This way, you can control and monitor the data access specifically for ODBC extractions. It helps in auditing and managing data access permissions more effectively.

  2. API Call Limits: Salesforce imposes limits on the number of API calls that can be made per user license within a 24-hour period. Using a dedicated user for ODBC extraction ensures that your regular users' activities are not impacted by hitting these API limits.

  3. Permission Management: With a dedicated user, you can assign the specific permissions needed for data extraction without affecting the permissions of other users. This approach adheres to the principle of least privilege, enhancing security.

  4. Integration Simplicity: Using a dedicated user can simplify the integration process. You have a single, consistent set of credentials and permissions for all ODBC-related tasks, which can make troubleshooting and maintenance easier.

  5. Cost Considerations: However, creating a dedicated user for ODBC extraction might mean purchasing an additional Salesforce license, which can increase costs. Assess whether this cost is justified by the benefits of having a dedicated user.

  6. Salesforce Best Practices: Salesforce often updates its best practices and recommendations. Check Salesforce’s current documentation or consult with their support to understand the best approach.

Salesforce User Configuration

Please follow these instructions to grant DataSelf reading-rights from your Salesforce data:

  • To obtain your Salesforce security token:

    • Log in with the Salesforce user for data extraction and open the personal information page on

    • Click the link to reset your security token. The token will be emailed to that user.

    • Specify the security token in the SecurityToken connection property or append it to the Password.

  • In the Salesforce ODBC to be used by ETL+:

    • Set the AuthScheme to Basic, provide a Salesforce User and Password as your login credentials, enter your Salesforce SecurityToken. By default, the SecurityToken is required, but you can make it optional by allowing a range of trusted IP addresses. To disable the security token:

      • Log in to Salesforce and enter Network Access in the Quick Find box in the setup section.

      • Add your IP address to the list of trusted IP addresses.


  • Salesforce's licensing model and features can change, so consult the latest information from Salesforce directly or through a certified Salesforce partner. As of Summer 2022, the Salesforce website indicates that the Web Services API/ODBC access requires at least the Professional Edition (add-on feature).

  • The CData ODBC connector for SalesForce supports most of the Web Services API versions of SalesForce, but as the API of Salesforce has evolved over the years with new features and endpoints added, it is best to have a recent Salesforce version for the best connector experience. As of Summer 2023, the latest version is API version 58.0.

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