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Dedicated Tableau Servers using Creator Embedded

The following settings are required to run Tableau Creator Embedded to run Tableau extracts via ETL+ on a dedicated ETL+ Server and Tableau Server.

Setting up ETL+ Server to refresh Tableau Extracts via ETL+

This procedure should be done on the ETL+ Server computer (where the etl_metadata SQL DB is).

a) Setup Windows Admin User / Windows Service Account:

  1. Create/use a Windows admin user with a password that does not expire

  2. Assign this user to run the Win services running DataSelf apps (MS SQL, SQL Agent, ETL+ Agent Service)

b) Install Tableau Creator Embedded Desktop

How to Install Tableau Desktop to run Tableau Extract refreshes via ETL+:

  1. Log to the computer using the Windows user above

  2. Open Download page: in a web browser.

  3. Click “sign in” under “Almost there”.
    The installer will be downloaded locally.

  4. Run the installer file.

  5. Run Tableau Desktop.

  6. Register and license Tableau Desktop.

  7. Run Tableau Desktop

  8. Connect Tableau Desktop to the dedicated Tableau Server,

c) Test the Deployment

  1. Run Tableau Desktop

  2. Download a Tableau data source, save it locally, and be sure the locally saved tdsx can be successfully refreshed manually.

  3. Test refreshing a Tableau extract via ETL+

Tableau Creator/Desktop for Regular Tableau Server Maintenance

To do maintenance on the dedicated Tableau Server, use a Tableau Desktop licensed to a person.

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