Information that can quickly identify or trace problems with Tableau reports, dashboards, etc.
Information that can be included on reports that identify specific reports (when more than one variation of a report exists, when the report was run, etc.

Information that can be shown on Tableau reports that helps client and DataSelf staff with support requests.

  1. Run on date-time. Day and time when the report was run.
    Helpful when the report is exported to a .pdf file or someone takes a screenshot of the report.

  2. Display a Version number at the end of the report title.

    • There may be several versions of the report with the same title.

    • Also we tend to remember the report titles by a shorthand that isn’t the same as the title on the report.

  3. “Data as of” /Last Refresh Date. Date-time of the last time the data warehouse was refreshed/updated from the source data bases.

    • Data from the DataRefreshedAsOf  date-timestamp from the dbo._C_DataRefreshAsOf table.