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Formatting Reports for Traceability & Supportability

Information that can quickly identify or trace problems with Tableau reports, dashboards, etc.
Information that can be included on reports that identify specific reports (when more than one variation of a report exists, when the report was run, etc.

Information that can be shown on Tableau reports that helps client and DataSelf staff with support requests.

  1. Run on date-time. Day and time when the report was run.
    Helpful when the report is exported to a .pdf file or someone takes a screenshot of the report.

  2. Display a Version number at the end of the report title.

    • There may be several versions of the report with the same title.

    • Also we tend to remember the report titles by a shorthand that isn’t the same as the title on the report.

  3. “Data as of” /Last Refresh Date. Date-time of the last time the data warehouse was refreshed/updated from the source data bases.

    • Data from the DataRefreshedAsOf  date-timestamp from the dbo._C_DataRefreshAsOf table.



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