Selecting multiple records to see combined total

When you CTRL-click or SHIFT-click on multiple rows the tooltip menu displays the combined measure value.
On Table views you can click on the Dimension. On Graph/Chart views, click on the graphical measure.

Ctrl-Clicked on the three bar chart graphics to select the multiple records. The Sum of Measure Values shows the combined total.

On a map view there is a selection tool available to select by square, circle, or ad-hoc shape. When you hold down the mouse button and drag across the selected areas the tool tip shows the combined measure amount.

Ad Hoc Groupings to see combined total

Hold down the control key and click on the selected rows you want to group as one line with aggregated measure.

The tooltip will show an icon like a paperclip to group the selected rows as one row.

When you click on the paperclip icon it collapses the selected rows into one with a combined total.

To ungroup the rows, hold your mouse over the grouped row to show the tool tip menu and click on the paper clip with the x to un-group.

Creating Custom Views to save your settings

Once you choose your selection and other criteria, you can save your settings as a custom View.
Click on the menu item View:Original to display the View dialog window. Give your view a name and select if others may see this saved view also. when you click on Save you can then select from either Original or your saved view settings.

Custom views are also handy when downloading or subscribing a view. You can select the specific custom view with the custom settings in place.

Using the worksheet filters:

Filter fields on the right side of the screen