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How to Set Up a SQL Server Agent Job

  1. Open up SQL Server Management Studio and right click on Jobs and select New Job.


       2. This window will open. Name will be empty. In this example, we will create a Job which runs a Tableau Extract Refresh. Owner: Enter sa


       3. Click on Steps and then click the New button.


      4. On the New Job Step Screen, you can fill in the fields as such if you are running a .bat file. Next click Advanced in the Select a page section.


      5. For On success action: Pick - Quit the job reporting success. This value is picked if there is only one step in a job or if there are many or if it's the last step. When there a many steps, pick - Go to              the next step. Now click OK.


      6. Now click on Schedules and click on the New button.


      7. For a Tableau Refresh, we would set it up as follows, to run on a daily basis. The time you pick to run it would be after the ETL finishes running.

      Usually the ETL run would be the first step of the SQL Job and the Tableau Refresh the second step. You can only schedule when the first step starts, then when it finishes the second step will start.


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