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Row Counts Don't Match

Row counts in Acumatica don’t match number of rows extracted by ETL+.

Problem: Tables in Data Warehouse with row count different than in Acumatica

Cause #1: New records have been populated in Acumatica since the DataSelf data load.

Fix: Reload the data

  1. Start ETL+ or click Back from the Log page

  2. On the ETL main page, select the table with incorrect row count on the center panel,

  3. right-click the table on the center panel again -> Load Now.
    The load might take a while if the table has a large data set.

Cause #2: User Credentials with Limited Access

Cause: The Acumatica user assigned to ETL+ might have access to limited data sets, such as only data from one Branch.


Check the user’s security credentials.

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