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Tableau Data Cloud


Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse will be available in pilot later this year (2023)

Data Cloud and VizQL updates will be available later this year (2023)

Data Cloud

Data Cloud unifies all of a company’s data across channels and interactions into single, real-time customer profiles, and with Tableau, all of a company’s customer data can be visualized to help users explore and find insights more easily.

Data Cloud also supports zero-copy data sharing, which means that users can virtualize Data Cloud data in other databases, making it instantly available to anyone.

“Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse, together with Data Cloud, give customers a next-generation analytics experience that empowers every user to make better decisions faster with relevant data, bringing the power of data and analytics to everyone.”

Instant Analytics

And now with Instant Analytics, a new capability in Data Cloud for Tableau, users can analyze and visualize any Data Cloud data live inside Tableau and query millions of records with just one click of a button.

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