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Tableau Prep Builder

Tableau Prep provides easy and extensive ways to prepare your data, including cleaning up dirty data.

Some DataSelf clients use it to quickly figure out and explorer data prep steps needed, and then implement the official data prep steps in the data warehouse. Data exploration is harder in SQL than in Tableau Prep, but data prep processes can run faster and be more centralized managed in SQL.

To publish your Tableau Prep data sources to your Tableau Server OEM, the data must pass through your DataSelf data warehouse. You can use Tableau Desktop Retail and Prep from the data warehouse data normally.

Tableau Prep requires a Tableau Desktop Retail version. By default, DataSelf clients acquire the Tableau Desktop OEM version which does not support Tableau Prep. Contact DataSelf to upgrade your Tableau Desktop OEM to Retail.

Learn more about Tableau Prep here: Combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep.Combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with e, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep

Download link:

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