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Tableau Site Roles

Site Administrator Explorer

Connect to Tableau or external data in the browser or Tableau Desktop; create new data sources; build and publish content.

Site administrators can manage users and assign site roles and site membership.

Can connect to Tableau published data sources to create new workbooks, and edit and save existing workbooks.

Explorer (can publish)

Can publish workbooks from the web using existing data sources, browse and interact with published views, and use all interaction features.

In the web editing environment, can edit and save existing workbooks. Cannot save new standalone data sources from data connections embedded in workbooks, and cannot connect to external data and create new data sources.


Can browse and interact with published views. Can subscribe to content, create data driven alerts, connect to Tableau published data sources and open workbooks in the web authoring environment for ad-hoc queries, but they can’t save their work.


Can see published views others have created and use most interaction features. Can subscribe to views and download as images or summary data. Can’t connect to data, create, edit, or publish content, or set data alerts.

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