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Update Goal Amount (Viewer)

The procedure below works for each individual dashboard that has a Goal type of parameter. 

To update the Goal amount on a dashboard like the one below:

  • Changing the goal amount at any time:
    • Click the Goal box (# 1)
    • Enter a new amount
    • Press Enter
  • Saving goal amounts for future reference:
    • Click the "View: Description" icon (# 2)
    • The "Custom Views" window opens (#3):
      • Enter a name to this custom view
      • Check boxes as needed:
        • Recommended: Make it my default
        • Make it public
      • Click Save 
  • Retrieving saved goal amounts:
    • When "Make it my default" has been checked (#3), that particular view will open by default.
    • Click the "View: Description" icon (# 2) and choose a previously saved goal under the "My Views" list (#3).

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