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Acumatica Generic Inquiry (GI) Standards for Adv Analytics by DataSelf

GIs for Advanced Analytics by DataSelf

GI Header

  • Inquire Title (GI Name):
    • DSA_XX_GIName  where XX is the module code.
    • GIName is a name that explains what this GI provides. 
    • Examples: DSA_AR_OpenReceivables, DSA_AR_Payment, DSA_SA_Sales
  • Site Map Location: By default, we set it Primary Lists (under the Hidden tree)
  • Screen ID: DSAXXDDD (ex.: DSAGLTRA for the GLTran GL GI), where DSA is a fixed prefix, XX is module and DDD is a short description. Create the GI from scratch, download it, edit the xml file and replace ScreenID="GIxxx" with DS prefix, re-upload GI to update.
    DS is the official prefix designated by Acumatica for DataSelf GI's.
  • Expose via OData: enable it
  • Other GI header parameters are optional.

GI Tabs

  • Tables: Tables used in the GI. 
  • Relations: Create relations between tables.
  • Conditions: 
    • Create a condition on this tab when only part of the data is needed for BI purposes. This will improve the data extraction process, and reduce load to Acumatica's database. Ex.: DSA_AP_OpenPayables should only bring in records where Status <> Closed.
  • Results Grid: See section below. 
  • Relations / Parameters / Grouping / Sort Order / Entry Point / Navigation: Leave them all blank.

Results Grid Tab

  • All fields have Captions (enable Captions with the icon on the top-left corner of the list of fields 
  • Only import fields that should be used for BI purposes. Bringing unnecessary fields will negatively affect long-term maintenance: additional adjustments especially when upgrading Acumatica, performance hits in Acumatica and data warehouse, additional disk space, and backup procedures. 
  • Naming: The caption's first segment is the table name (Object column), add _ (underscore), and then the field name. No spaces in the Captions. Example: APInvoice_Hold. 
  • Many fields (like transaction types) return a business description, but the transaction code when using a formula (ex.: GLTranR.TranType returns a description, and =[GLTranR.TranType] returns the transaction type code). In the Results Grid tab, have one line for the description and one for the formula. Both are usually needed for BI purposes. See table below.
  • The Results Grid Tab should have NO yellow exclamation marks. Some of fields with exclamation marks should be replaced with their formulas (key fields). The other fields should be removed from the GI (they can be linked in the data warehouse). 
  • Some captions will have explanatory suffixes, as follows:
Field TypeSuffixNote
Primary Key_PKEx.: APInvoice_RefNbr_PK

This field will be used, in conjunction with the _PK field(s), to refresh the DataSelf data warehouse data with only new or newly-modified records. This type of refresh is called an "Update" refresh.

GIs working with open records only (ex.: AR Aging related) should NOT use the Update refresh. Do NOT use _LMDT suffix to force full refresh (instead of Update refresh). 

Double-use fields Desc_Desc

Ex.: =[GLTranR_TranType] becomes GLTranR_TranType

GLTranR.TranType becomes GLTranR_TranType_Desc

Non-obvious field names_FriendlyNameEx.: Vendor_AcctCD becomes Vendor_AcctCD_VendorID

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