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Advanced Analytics for Sage 100: Sales

Why Advanced Analytics by DataSelf

Challenges that Advanced Analytics by DataSelf addresses:

  • Getting insightful, timely and easy access to data is challenging.
  • Many people find challenging to maintain BI tools.  
  • Many BI solutions over promise, under deliver, and are costly to maintain.

How Advanced Analytics by DataSelf Delivers

Since 2005, DataSelf's data-geeks have been constantly working on more powerful, yet easier ways to empower decision makers! 

Advanced Analytics by DataSelf is the latest release and can be deployed in minutes by filling out a simple web-form (beta version sign up form: Upon submitting the form, in little time users will securely and easily access their data.

It's that simple!

Advanced Analytics by DataSelf is powered by MS SQL cloud data warehousing and Tableau (Power BI soon). This platform provides clients with peace of mind that this solution works seamless and takes advantage of the most intuitive and successful analytics technologies available in the planet.

For more see Advanced Analytics by DataSelf

What Advanced Analytics by DataSelf Sales Delivers

The Sales template extracts invoiced-sales data from Sage 100 (Providex or MS SQL Server based). 

  • A simple and and fast extraction process that automatically pulls data from Sage 100 and uploads it into Adv Analytics by DataSelf’s user interface. A small foot-print data extraction tool needs to be installed on a computer on the same network where Sage 100 is. Minimum system requirements: 1 CPU core, 2GB of RAM, 15GB of free disk space, Win Server 2012 R2/2016 or Win 10, SSMS, fixed IP address.
  • A secured, fast and easy-to-use cloud analytics portal powered by Tableau (Power BI in the near future). That translates into the most empowering tool for changing and creating new reports and dashboards, and performing data discovery.
  • Canned reports and dashboard templates providing over a million easy ways to analyze and slice-and-dice the client’s data.
  • Report and dashboard customization: Adv Analytics by DataSelf leverages the ease-of-use of Tableau, so users and consultants can quickly learn how to customize their reports and dashboards. Tableau and DataSelf provide dozens of hours of free online training videos. Please consult us for instructor-lead classes.
  • Data extraction customization: One just needs to customize their DataSelf extraction process (such as adding new fields to pre-mapped tables), and those changes will automatically flow into Adv Analytics by DataSelf. Please consult us for training in how to use the extraction tool.

Report and Dashboard Templates

Examples of the report and dashboard templates ('canned templates')  that come with Adv Analytics by DataSelf.

Customer Sales: This Year vs. Last Year

This vs Last Year for Customer, Product, Branch/Division, Salesperson, and Geo. With extensive ad hoc and drill to detail capabilities.


Customer Report: Sales

Regular reports for Customer, Product, and Salesperson. With extensive ad hoc, drill down and drill to detail capabilities.


Sales by Product: Same-Period, Prior-Year Comparison

Same-Period Prior-Year Comparisons with extensive ad hoc, drill down and drill to detail capabilities.


Adv Analytics by DataSelf Ad Hoc

Ad Hocwith over 1 million ways to slice and dice your data, including drill down to detail capabilities.



See: Adv Analytics by DataSelf Metadata for Sage 100

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