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CRM Templates for Advanced Edition

The following templates come pre-configured out of the box with DataSelf Analytics - Advanced Edition, and they can be easily and extensively customized. Please click here to see which CRMs are currently supported.


Easily monitor calls, emails, visits, demos and etc by account manager, prospect and opportunities.

Marketing Email

Currently, this template is ready for HubSpot. It can easily be connected to other marketing email tools that provide opens and clicks by email recipient.

E-blast Opens, Clicks & URLs 

Easy and interactive ways to analyze which companies and individuals have been interacting with your marketing emails across marketing campaigns.

E-Blast Top Companies

Easy and interactive ways to analyze trends from companies and individuals interacting with your eBlasts across campaigns.

E-Blast Trends

Interactive ways to analyze how opens and clicks perform across campaigns and time.



Monitor and slice and dice all opportunities easily.


Monitor and slice and dice open opportunities by rep and other dimensions easily.

Opportunities Closing Soon

Stay on top of opportunities closing in the near future.

Stuck Opportunities

Why are certain opportunities not moving?

Sales Funnel

Monitor and slice and dice your sales funnel.

Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity is an important metric to monitor how efficiently your sales process is evolving.

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