Work in Progress as of 2/7/2022

To pass the certification process, please complete the following steps.

  1. Deploy DataSelf Analytics connected to a live or demo ERP database:

    1. Click here for the self-service ordering form.

    2. Follow the training materials to deploy DataSelf ETL+.

  2. Run Refresh Batch #1 manually or via schedule to load the data to DataSelf.

  3. Complete the data quality process for one data source.

  4. Add a new user to the DataSelf Tableau Portal with Site Admin rights. Feel free to add a personal email address. This user should be deleted after the certification process.

  5. Change the ETL+ Load Type of a table from Load All to Replace. Why this table?

  6. Change the ETL+ Load Type of a table from Load All to Upsert. Why this table?

  7. Add two new fields from the ERP’s AR Invoice Detail table to DataSelf ETL+:

    1. A dimension (ex.: a Tax Category from the sales details table).

    2. A measure from the details table (ex.: Tax or Commission Amount from the sales details table).

  8. Run the Tableau Extract Refresh from ETL+ for the _Sales_Invoice data source (which will have the new fields above).

  9. Create a new report showing the new dimension and measure you added above. Add a filter to show only data in a given year.

    1. Add Grand Totals.

  10. Create a new Calculated Field for Avg Sales Amt dividing Sales by Qty Sold: sum([Sales])/sum([Qty Sold]).

  11. Create a new report showing Qty Sold, Sales and Avg Sales Amt by ShipTo State and Item in a given year.

    1. Add Grand Totals and Subtotals.

  12. Create a new view showing Sales by Customer in a given year using a bar chart, sort it descending by Sales.

  13. Combine the reports into an interactive dashboard:

    1. Set dashboard size to automatic.

    2. Set all views to be filters to the dashboard.

    3. Keep only one filter for the year, and apply it across the whole dashboard.

    4. Adjust the layout (size of each view inside of the dashboard) so the information is reasonably distributed on your computer screen.

  14. Save the workbook.

  15. Leave the report edit mode, and subscribe to this dashboard:

    1. Add yourself and Clark Walliser as the recipients (Subscribe Users).

    2. Receive it as a PDF.

    3. Set the schedule to Daily 8am EST.

  16. Add a new source table to ETL+, load its data to the data warehouse, and create a new Tableau data source from it, publish it to the DataSelf Analytics Tableau Portal, add it to an ETL+ Refresh Batch, refresh its data via ETL+, be sure that the new table and Tableau data sources would be included in a scheduled refresh batch.

  17. Email your contact at DataSelf reporting completion of the steps above.

Feel free to reach us out for support as needed.

This process has been documented based on Advanced Analytics v3.2.

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