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Green Belt Certification Process

To pass the certification process, please complete the following steps.

  1. Deploy DataSelf Analytics connected to a live or demo ERP database.

    1. To select your source system and execute the deployment and testing: click here.

    2. Deploy ETL+. The trial license is free.

    3. Execute Level 1 Testing.

    4. Email certified_training screenshots of your Level 1 Testing results.

  2. Connect to the Tableau Embedded web portal at You should receive your credentials during step 1 above.

  3. Create and save the following new Sales Invoice reports. You can use a single Tableau workbook with a new tab for each new report.

    1. A grid report showing Sales by Customer in the past two years. Show filter.

    2. A grid report showing Sales by Salesperson and Item by quarter in the past two years. Show filter.

    3. A chart report showing Gross Profit by Customer State (or ShipTo State) in the past year. Show filter.

    4. A chart report showing Qty Sold by Item sorted in descending order by Qty Sold (top items at the top). No filter.

    5. Create a calculated field with “Avg Sales Amount” (sales/qty sold) and add it to the b) report.

    6. Create calculated fields for FY2023 Sales, FY2022 Sales, and Sales Pct Variance between 2023 and 2022. Then create a report showing these measures by Customer.

    7. Take report a), convert the Sales measure to a Quick Table Calculation showing the Percentage Difference, and then add Sales to the reports. It should show both measures.

    8. Create a Hierarchy with Salesperson and Customer. On report a), replace Customer with Salesperson from the Hierarchy and test the expand/collapse (drill down) on the report.

    9. Create a dashboard with reports from a), c), d), and f).

      1. Clean up the filters.

      2. Make each report have a short descriptive title.

      3. Make the d) report work as a dashboard filter.

      4. Make a Year filter to apply to all sections of the dashboard.

  4. Save the workbook.

  5. Leave the report edit mode and subscribe to this dashboard:

    1. Add yourself and Clark Walliser as the recipients (Subscribe Users).

    2. Receive it as a PDF.

    3. Set the schedule to Daily 8am EST.

  6. Email certified_training with the link to the Tableau workbook created above.

Feel free to reach out for support as needed.

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