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Was this File Created by Excel AD & How to Find Excel AD

How to determine if a Excel file was created by Excel AD.

We can’t tell if a given Excel file was run or created by Excel AD.

Excel AD is a Excel AD Controller .xlxs workbook programmed by a Excel macro.
If a given Excel workbook/report is run by Excel AD then the Excel file running the report would be listed in a Excel AD Controller workbook.

Was this Excel File/Report Created by Excel AD?

  1. Start by looking for a job in a scheduler with a likely sounding name. The scheduled job would run a script that executes the AD Controller.

  2. The script run by the scheduler would execute a .xlsm file.  Probably named DS_ExcelADController or DsBiReportList ending in .xlsm

  3. Look on the controller tab for the report in question. For more see instructions at


Or search the computer for a .xlsm file named DS_ExcelADController or DsBiReportList

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