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Opening the Prebuilt "Out-of-the-box" DataSelf Workbook

How to log into the Tableau site and open the sample workbook

  1. URL link to Tableau site

  2. Username is WhiteBelt_01. Password is the same.

The Home screen is the default starting site. The Explore Menu displays the Project folders where workbooks are stored.

  1. Click Explore.

  1. The Explore Menu displays Tableau Project folders where objects are stored.
    Click on the WhiteBelt project folder.

  2. We will review the DataSelf Analytics v2201 workbook which is the Prebuilt out-of-the-box workbook that all DataSelf users have.
    Click on the link for DataSelf Analytics v2201.

WhiteBelt project folder. Click on the link for DataSelf Analytics v2201.

Home page – Out-of-the-box workbook, DataSelf Analytics v2201.

For more on this workbook see Built-In Views provided by DataSelf :

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