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new--Indexing Options

Windows Indexing Options window (part of the Control Panel) enables Windows File Explorer support for searching inside the text of files.

  1. Open Indexing Options

    • Start > type “Index” > click on Indexing Options

  2. Advanced

  3. File Types tab

  4. Select the desired Extension

    • Search by rapidly typing in the letters

  5. Click the Index Properties and File Contents radio button.

  6. Click OK.

Filter Description

The filter description indicates the method File Explorer will use for searching.
In the Advanced Options, File Types tab of Indexing Options select an existing Extension (file type) to show how that file extension is indexed.

  • File Properties Filter indicates that the index only supports searching by file properties – file name, associated date, file type etc.

  • Plain Text Filter indicates the index supports searching for plain text inside a file.
    Works for .bat, .ps1, .py etc.

  • Other Filter Types include:

    • HTML Filter

    • Open Document Format

    • MIME Filter

    • Microsoft Office Filter

    • Office Open XML Format Excel Filter

    • Zip Filter

    • XML Filter


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