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OData Refresh Failure at Certain Times

Overnight refreshes from OData are failing at a certain time of day.


  • Refreshes reading from OData data sources fail at the same time of day.

  • Refreshes reading from OData data sources often fail at the same table or GI.


Problem: Trouble with Acumatica / OData

One way to rule out if the issue is in Acumatica. You will need the URL of your OData handle. See OData URL from an Acumatica Instance.

Examples of OData URL handles

  • TSI Live GI:        Live/

  • TSI Live OData v4: Live/

  1. Open the OData URL in a web browser.

  2. Append the name of a table or GI that is failing to refresh to the end of the OData URL handle in the browser window.

    • TSI Live GI: Live/POReceiptV10

    • TSI Live OData v4: Live/AMWC

  3. Press Enter

  4. Enter Acumatica credentials with OData rights and wait.

Analysis of Test

  • If all the data is eventually loaded, your Acumatica OData engine is working.
    Try again in ETL.

  • If OData gives an error right off the bat Then the Acumatica OData engine has issues.

  • The OData might load lots of records, but then gives an error as the last section of the data extracted. Acumatica OData engine has issues.

If there are issues with your Acumatica:

  • We recommend rebooting/resetting your Acumatica instance

  • Contact your VAR e report the above

  • Create a ticket with Acumatica reporting the above

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