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Refreshing Tableau Data Sources via Command Line

A popular way to refresh tdsx from a Tableau Server is running the following command line via a batch file or similar:

  • “<PathToTableauDesktop>\tableau" refreshextract -s TableauServerURL -u TableauServerUser -p "TableauServerPassword" --project ProjectName -t SiteName --datasource "tdsx Name" --source-username SourceUserWhenRequired --source-password "SourcePasswordWhenRequired"

  • E.g.: “C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau 2023.1\bin\tableau" refreshextract -s -u xxx -p "xxxx" --project myproject -t mycorp --datasource "_Sales_Invoice"

The computer where this command line runs must have:

  • Tableau Desktop installed.

  • Access to the Tableau Server and credentials with rights to download and publish data sources.

  • Access to the source data used by the Tableau data sources (usually a DataSelf MS SQL data warehouse) and credentials with reading rights.

See more options and information about the Tableau command line syntax here:

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