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Sage 100 Providex ODBC DSN Setup - Detailed

  1. Before doing this Setup the Client has to have the Sage 100 Workstation installed on his server. The workstation setup program installs the MAS 90 ODBC driver into the windows system. This should be requested in an email and set up by the client before connecting with the client to do this setup.
  2. Open the ODBC Administrator/ODBC Data Sources.
    You can do so by clicking the Windows Start Menu and then typing ODBC. Pick the 32 bit or 64 bit version based on what version Sage 100 is.
    1. Sage 100 installs the 32 bit ODBC by default. To install the 64 bit ODBC driver, open the Sage 100 Installation file (or DVD)  and select the Productivity Applications menu. You will see the choice to install the 64 bit ODBC driver. 
    2. The benefit of this is higher data transfer speed and the ODBC can work in either 32 or 64 bit mode
  3. This screen will open. Choose the System DSN tab and click on the Add button.
    NOTE: Sage 100 installs a User DSN (SOTAMAS90), but DataSelf requires a System DSN
    Use the configuration information from the SOTAMAS90 User DSN as the template for creating the System DSN. 


      3.  This screen will open. Choose the selected Driver below and click the Finish button.


      4. This screen will open. Fill in as below, except the Database Directory you will have to get from the client.
You can use the  configuration info in the SOTAMAS90 User DSN since Sage 100 auto configured it. 


     5. Click on the Logon tab. The client needs to provide the Company code, Default UserID and Password.
NOTE: This Sage 100 UserID must have sufficient ODBC permissions to read required tables and fields. 
ODBC security is an optional setup configuration in Sage 100.


     6. Click on the Options tab. The client needs to provide Prefix for data files and Path to Views DLL.
Or use the info from the SOTAMAS90 User DSN . Fill in the rest as below. Click the Apply button.

  • Null Date.
    NOTE: If the ETL process fails with an error message about bad date fields, you can optionally check the NULL Date field.
    This will allow records with NULL date values to be extracted.


     7. Click on the Debug tab.


     8. Click on Test Connection button. Similar to what you see below should appear. If you get a Connection Failed message

        you should contact the client.  Click the OK button to finish.


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