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Sage 100 Providex ODBC DSN Setup - Summarized

Click here for more detailed ODBC set up instructions.  


  • 32 vs 64 bit Versions
    In the process below, you may use the Sage 100 set up with 32 or 64 bit version. Install the corresponding 32-bit or 64-bit version of DataSelf ETL+.

  • Sage 100 User Credentials
    Sage 100 user credentials with ODBC reading rights to the appropriate modules.

Workstation Setup

Ask your Sage 100 technician to install Workstation Setup on the server where the ETL will be installed. And then test that the user that will be used to run the ETL can use this ODBC DSN.

  1. Install Sage 100 Workstation Setup on the server where ETL+ is or will be installed.

  2. Log onto the server with the DataSelfServices Windows user.

  3. Make sure you can log onto Sage 100 using the Sage 100 user that will be used for the ODBC DSN.

  4. (Or if the Sage 100 user only has ODBC reading rights, but does not have rights to open the Sage 100 workstation, test the SOTAMAS ODBC DSN using that user.)


Both the 1) Windows login user that will be used to install and set up the ETL and 2) as the Window’s user who will authorize the automatic refresh jobs
require the network rights to read from the SOTAMAS DSN.


  1. Open the ODBC DSN utility (be sure to use the correct 32 or 64 bit version).

  2. Create a SYSTEM DSN that duplicates the user DSN SOTAMAS.

    1. Name the DSN 'Sage100'.

    2. Add company ID and login credentials to the Login tab.

  3. Test that this DSN works with the Windows user credentials used by the scheduler.

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