DataSelf/Tableau Release Notes:

Tableau OEM Desktop Download Links: If you use it, click the following link to download and install the latest version: Download, Install Tableau Desktop and Server

Upgrade Frequency: DataSelf upgrades our AWS cloud multi-tenant Tableau servers twice a year. We usually wait for Tableau’s 2nd or 3rd minor releases for reliability purposes. We test Tableau releases before upgrading our servers. Since 2011, we only skipped twice planned quarterly Tableau new releases.

Upgrade Notifications: We notify our clients about our upcoming Tableau Cloud Production upgrades. We perform them on Saturdays, the system goes offline for a few hours, and we notify when it’s online again.

Upgrade Schedule:

  • 10/29/22: v2022.1.8 (Tableau critical security patch)

  • 09/24/22: v2022.1.6 (Tableau critical security patch)

  • 05/14/22: v2022.1.1

  • 03/20/22: Upgraded to AWS m6i instances (15% to 25% faster platform)

  • 01/07/22: v2021.3.6 (Log4j2 vulnerability fix)

  • 12/15/21: v2021.3.3 (Log4j2 vulnerability patch)

  • 12/11/21: v2021.3.3

  • 05/22/21: v2021.1.1

  • 08/15/20: v2020.2.3

  • 02/12/20: v2019.4.2

Other Upgrade Paths: Please contact us if you’re interested in leveraging the latest and greatest Tableau releases, or being on a different release schedule than our multi-tenant Tableau servers. We can assist in assessing and transitioning your Tableau to a dedicated Tableau server instance, to an on-premises/private cloud environment, or to Tableau Retail or Online.

Tableau Upgrades

Tableau has been around for about 20 years. It's a very stable and well-developed platform. They release new versions quarter (and minor releases every month). Quite often, such releases have little effect on our client base mostly because they only add new features, fix bugs, improve security, and usually don't change existing features.

Tableau Server:

  • Clients using our multi-tenant Tableau Server Cloud platform are upgraded automatically.

  • Clients using their own Tableau Server can control when upgrades are done. We recommend upgrading such servers at the same pace as we do our cloud Tableau servers.

Table Desktop: We recommend having Tableau Desktop with the same version as Tableau Server.