DataSelf top company value is data security and privacy. Our core team has been working with clients’ data security concerns since 2005. Our latest solution relies on an industry-standard, best-of-breed BI and analytics platform based on AWS, Azure, MS SQL Server, Tableau and Power BI.

DataSelf Cloud Hosted Systems

Data Load: To secure data transfers to our cloud, we use SSL connections and IP whitelisting when loading data from on-premises or private cloud sources.

Data Storage - Multi-tenant Security: Depending on your DataSelf configuration, your data can be stored in a single or multi-tenant AWS server farm. The data separation between tenants is guaranteed by MS SQL Server schemas or databases or instances and Tableau sites.

Data Backup: Backup every 12 hours. Link Needed = DataSelf Cloud Backup and Restore Process

Data Retrieval: We use SSL connections to render data from our Tableau OEM Hosted Servers, and also IP whitelisting when retrieving MS SQL data.

Data Security & Privacy. DataSelf Analytics Data Security and Privacy

User Authentication:

  • MS SQL Server: SQL Authentication with IP whitelisting.

  • Tableau: Read next article for options such as Tableau Authentication, Trusted Authentication, Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): Tableau Authentication Options (Sign In)

Cloud Security. MFA, SSO, Azure Active Directory Security Details

Tableau & Power BI Security

Tableau Server User Permissions / Security

Tableau Row Level Security: DataSelf Web Browser (Tableau Server OEM) can embed row level security into a data source. That is, the data that the User sees on a report is pre-filtered according to that User's DataSelf Web Browser login name. This allows a publisher to create a single master report, but every User sees only the records appropriate to that user. More at Tableau Row Level Security

Power BI Row Level Security: Row Level Security (RLS) in Power BI

Power BI User Permissions / Security: Workspace Access, User Permissions & Groups

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