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Tableau OEM Shared Workbooks (e.g., Plant Floor Monitors)

Display reports and dashboards on large monitors.

Tableau Shared Workbooks

For displaying reports and dashboards on monitors located on plant floors, meeting rooms, etc.

Types of User Authentication

There are two ways to license shared workbooks with DataSelf based on user authentication:

  • Dedicated user license: This approach uses Tableau user authentication to secure the access to your reports and dashboards. It requires one Explorer/Viewer user license plus one or more Shared-Workbook license(s). User authentication options:

  • Tableau guest account: This approach creates an URL to your shared workbook that is openly available in the internet (it doesn’t require user credentials). It only requires one or more Shared-Workbook license(s). Anyone who knows the exact URL can view the reports and dashboards on the internet.

    • Instructions for Tableau Guest Account for the tds, workbook, and view to work without signing in:

      1. Change permissions on tds to allow All Users (and Guest) to View

      2. Change permissions on workbook to allow All Users (and Guest) to View

      3. Change permissions on view to allow All Users (and Guest) to View

      4. When publishing the workbook through Tableau Desktop, set the Authentication to “Embed password”

      5. Test the URL in Incognito mode to ensure it does not require you to sign in.

Publishing Shared Workbook on Monitors

  • If you don’t have a Shared Workbook license in DataSelf contract, please contact your DataSelf seller.

  • It’s best practice to create a specific Tableau data source(s) and workbook(s) for this use case.

    • Set up an ETL+ and Tableau data source refresh process for the desired frequency (ex.: every hour).

    • Create a dedicated workbook for sharing your reports and dashboards.

  • Incorporating the reports/dashboard in Chrome web browser to display on your plant floor monitors (it’s also possible to replicate these steps with other web browsers such as FireFox):

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