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Access Database Engine: Required for ETL+ Excel, .csv & MS Access

ETL+ requires that the Microsoft Access database engine 2016 is available as a driver in order to read / connect, as data sources, to MS Excel workbooks, .CSV, text, and MS Access databases.

Manually Download Installer

ETL+ should download and run this installer for you.

In some cases you may need to download and re-install the required MS Access Database Engine software and reboot your Windows server

Download Required Software

How to Verify the Driver is Installed

Method 1: Control Panel > Programs and Features

Method 2: Installer/Uninstaller: AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe

The setup program indicates the driver is installed.

ETL+ should download AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe (or 32 bit version) in the same folder as DataSelf ETL Plus.exe

Microsoft Docs

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